Are you planning on a holiday to the beaches or the mountains….its very important for you take care of your SKIN

Follow these amazingly helpful tips and your skin will be thankful

1)Moisturizer needs to be kept handy

keep it in your purse, travel bag, trekking cart and apply it whenever you can. It will be very helpful in keeping the skin soft and supple and will not let the skin dry.

2) Drink water like a fish

yes….it is important to drink water as much as you can…will keep the skin hydrated and recover the lost minerals

3) Cleanser is a must

To protect the skin from dirt and dust a good oil free cleanser is a must..

4) Sunscreen should be high on priority

A must for every vacation, whether its mountains or beaches, this is one product that needs to be carried everywhere.

5)Ice Ice baby…Ice for the Eyes

during travelling the most affected body part is the eyes and it becomes important to treat them well and the best way to take care of those puffy eyes is the application of ice wrapped in a hand towel.