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24 Carat Gold Kit

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Get the Gold Glow! Skin Secrets Gold Kit enriched with 24 carat pure gold makes your skin radiant. It polishes the skin surface and gives it a lustrous, smooth look. The products included in the kit help the skin to improve its texture and delays the visible ageing signs, giving...

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24 Carat Gold Kit (6587529429186)

24 Carat Gold Kit

Get the Gold Glow!

Skin Secrets Gold Kit enriched with 24 carat pure gold makes your skin radiant. It polishes the skin surface and gives it a lustrous, smooth look. The products included in the kit help the skin to improve its texture and delays the visible ageing signs, giving the skin a youthful glow. Enriched with Pure Gold dust and precious herbal oils and extracts, this facial kit is extremely effective in removing pigmentation marks and skin blemishes. It retains moisture in the skin as well as increases skin flexibility.



• Skin Secrets Gold Cleanser: This cream-based cleanser has special properties of gold dust and lemon oil. Gold dust increases skin's firmness, while lemon oil deep cleanses the skin and maintains its soft texture.

• Skin Secrets Gold Scrub: This gold dust based facial scrub not only exfoliates your skin but also increases blood circulation. It protects against damage from free radicals and keeps the skin glowing.

• Skin Secrets Gold Cream: This cream is specially developed to give a long lasting moisturising effect to the skin. The added nourishing oils offer deep skin conditioning and make the skin supple.

• Skin Secret 24 Carat Gold Gel: This gel, enriched with 24 carat gold leaves, helps to keep the skin toned and tight.

• Skin Secrets Gold Pack: This is a moisturizing face pack that improves skin texture. The added aroma oils not only calm the skin but also add a lasting glow to skin.

• Skin Secrets Gold Aroma Serum: This serum reduces visible signs of ageing, reduces melanin production in skin and can also protect against sun damage.


Boost Radiance:

Gold dust is known to create a brightening effect, adding a radiant and luminous quality to the skin. Over time, this revitalising ingredient will help the skin appear more even and smooth.

Prevents premature aging:

Dryness of skin can lead to its premature aging. Use of gold can reduce the dryness of skin and helps in increasing the metabolic rate. This would prevent the skin from premature aging.

Promotes firm skin texture:

Skin tends to sag when its elasticity decreases or is completely lost. Use of gold can reduce the breakdown of elastin and restore the elasticity of the tissues. This will further prevent the skin from sagging. Gold increases the elasticity of the skin, thus making it firm and toned.

Promotes Healthy skin:

The ions present in gold help in stimulating the cells, nerves, and veins in your body. This leads to improved blood circulation. This will increase the metabolism of skin cells and secretion of the waste. Gold can help to stimulate the cells and have a healthy skin.



Gold Dust:

Gold particles easily permeate into deeper layers of skin, working to repair and rejuvenate skin cells from within. It gives youthful-looking skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines by activating skin cells renewal.

Sandalwood oil:

Sandalwood is used through the ages for its soothing, pampering, protecting properties. It helps nourish the skin, improve the elasticity of skin cells, even out skin tone while calming irritated skin.

Sodium Lactate:

Sodium Lactate is used to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, and other factors that contribute to a dull and uneven complexion. It also improves skin tone and reduces the appearance of pores.




Step 1: Gold Cleanser

Apply all over the face and neck in light circular motion & massage for 3-5 mins, wash off or remove with moist cotton.

Step 2: Gold Scrub

Take an appropriate amount of scrub & apply evenly on wet face then gently massage with feather-like upward and outward strokes for 5 minutes & rinse off with water or wipe off using moist cotton.

Step 3: Gold Cream

Apply cream over the face and neck, gently massage for 8-10 mins in a circular motion with firming & lifting upward & outwards strokes. Massage till cream gets absorbed in the skin.

Step 4: Gold Gel

Take an appropriate amount and apply on face and neck, gently massage into skin, using upward & downward motion. Remove it with moist cotton.

Step 5: Gold Face Pack

Apply pack in a thick layer all over the face and neck area with fingertips. Avoid areas around eyes and leave it till it dries. Rinse with fresh water

Step 6: Gold Aroma Serum

Mix the serum in massage gel and massage cream during the massage process. This will help provide better glow and radiance to the skin. Also after facial, massage this serum for 4-5 minutes to give an instant glow to face.



• Men and women of age 18 years and above.

• Skin Secrets 24 Carat Gold Facial Kit is suitable for all skin types.

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